Every Christmas is different, but this year it’s even more so due to the circumstances that we’re all more than familiar with. Although this year it won’t be possible to gather all of our loved ones around the table, this is no reason to put aside the excitement associated with these dates. To keep the spirit alive this year, we need to pay more attention to the little details, like when we were children. Why don’t you start by getting excited about preparing the most dazzling table for your Christmas meal? ORO will be your greatest ally, and we’ll explain why below.

Tips for an impeccable table for your Christmas meals. With these simple tricks, you’ll become the most celebrated host. Pay attention!

1. Get out your white tablecloth

A Christmas tables needs to be bright, and you can create this effect naturally with this element. If you haven’t used your white tablecloth for a long time, it may have yellowed in some areas or have a stubborn stain you weren’t able to get out. In this case, we recommend the Automáticas liquid detergent or the Gel Azul Oro, which will be your best options for solving these types of problems. Not surprisingly, they are especially effective against difficult stains and have a superior whitening power.

2. Take good care of your embroidered napkins

It’s time to level up your table with the napkins you’ve set aside for special occasions. The embroidery gives them a special touch, but, as you know, they’re delicate… So, the best thing to do is protect them using solutions such as the concentrated Marsella Oro detergent, which carefully cleans all types of fabrics. And remember: you must also take care of you and your loved one’s health, spacing out the napkins to comply with the recommended amount of social distancing.

3. Make your table incredibly soft

With the previous tricks, your table will be overflowing with cleanliness, but to complete that feeling of utter splendour, you also need the linens to feel incredibly delicate. Not only because of the pleasure that comes from caressing a nice fabric, but because touching a soft fabric gives us that cosy feeling inside that is so typical of these dates. Get inspired by the ORO fabric softeners, such as the Nutrive or Rosa Mosqueta concentrates, both with micro-encapsulated fragrance.

4. Give your table’s linens a captivating aroma

To make a table look radiant, it’s not enough to simply wash the tablecloth and napkins; they should also give off a pleasant smell that can turn the evening into something truly special. And without a doubt, this holiday season we need to experience this feeling more than any other Christmas. So you should trust in our products to complete this mission. The ORO Orange & Sandalwood and ORO Coco & Peach detergents will give your table a familiar freshness and smell. Make this occasion even more special by smiling and chatting with your loved ones while wrapped up in these indulgent aromas.

By following these recommendations, you will turn this unusual Christmas meal into one that’s unforgettable. And by the way, remember to finish it off with one last trick: use a Mistol dishwashing liquid like the Balsam, Original or Ultra Plus to make your dishes shine. Your plates and cutlery will have never looked better and your glasses will have an unmistakable lemony scent.

Happy Holidays!